TriLib  1.8.7f
TriLib Unity Package
TriLib.AssetAdvancedPropertyMetadata Class Reference

Represents all asset advanced configuration-metadata. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static string GetConfigKey (AssetAdvancedPropertyClassNames className)
 Gets the given class asset advanced config key. More...
static void GetOptionMetadata (string key, out AssetAdvancedConfigType assetAdvancedConfigType, out string className, out string description, out string group, out object defaultValue, out object minValue, out object maxValue, out bool hasDefaultValue, out bool hasMinValue, out bool hasMaxValue)
 Gets an asset advanced config metadata. More...

Public Attributes

const int GroupCount = 35
 Asset advanced configs total group count. More...

Static Public Attributes

static readonly string [] ConfigKeys
 Asset advanced config keys. More...

Detailed Description

Represents all asset advanced configuration-metadata.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetConfigKey()

static string TriLib.AssetAdvancedPropertyMetadata.GetConfigKey ( AssetAdvancedPropertyClassNames  className)

Gets the given class asset advanced config key.

The config key.
classNameThe class name to get the key.

◆ GetOptionMetadata()

static void TriLib.AssetAdvancedPropertyMetadata.GetOptionMetadata ( string  key,
out AssetAdvancedConfigType  assetAdvancedConfigType,
out string  className,
out string  description,
out string  group,
out object  defaultValue,
out object  minValue,
out object  maxValue,
out bool  hasDefaultValue,
out bool  hasMinValue,
out bool  hasMaxValue 

Gets an asset advanced config metadata.

keyAsset advanced config key.
assetAdvancedConfigType(out) Asset advanced config type.
className(out) Asset advanced config class name.
description(out) Asset advanced config description.
group(out) Asset advanced config group.
defaultValue(out) Asset advanced config default value.
minValue(out) Asset advanced config minimum value.
maxValue(out) Asset advanced config max value.
hasDefaultValue(out) Asset advanced config has default value?
hasMinValue(out) Asset advanced config has minimum value?
hasMaxValue(out) Asset advanced config has max value?

Member Data Documentation

◆ ConfigKeys

readonly string [] TriLib.AssetAdvancedPropertyMetadata.ConfigKeys

Asset advanced config keys.

◆ GroupCount

const int TriLib.AssetAdvancedPropertyMetadata.GroupCount = 35

Asset advanced configs total group count.

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