TriLib 2

TriLibis a cross-platform runtime 3D model importer for Unity

OBJGLTF2STLPLY3MF, and ZIP files support
Cross-platform: WindowsMacLinuxUWPAndroidWebGL, and iOS
Import models from file-system, web, or any custom source
Mesh importing
Animation importing
Material importing
Texture importing
Avatar creation
Highly customizable
No native-plugin dependencies (Written in C#)
Commented source-code
Various samples
A complete PBR model viewer included
Built-in file browser

Web Demos
Model Viewer
Avatar Loader

Asset Store Link

Package Content Description
: TriLib core features
TriLibSamples: TriLib samples (optional)
TriLibStandaloneFileBrowser: File Browser model loading classes (optional)
TriLibUniversalRP: UniversalRP Render Pipeline classes (optional)
TriLibHDRP: HDRP Render Pipeline classes (optional)
TriLibGltfDraco: GLTF Draco Decoder classes (optional)