Accessing Files Metadata

TriLib allows accessing files native data (metadata) depending on a file-format basis. The following article contains some classes not available on the current This article won’t focus on every native class, it will introduce the methods to access the top-level native classes from some file formats. FBX To access the FBXDocument class containing the FBX […]

Model Loading Flow

TriLib asynchronous loading is divided across three Threads. The first parallel Thread parses all original Model data using the format TriLib will use to create Unity objects later. Embedded Textures data are loaded in this Thread, along with original Texture filenames. The main Thread processes the data from the first parallel Thread and creates Unity […]

TriLib 2

TriLibis a cross-platform runtime 3D model importer for Unity FBX, OBJ, GLTF2, STL, PLY, 3MF, and ZIP files supportCross-platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, UWP, Android, WebGL, and iOSImport models from file-system, web, or any custom sourceMesh importingAnimation importingMaterial importingTexture importingAvatar creationHighly customizableNo native-plugin dependencies (Written in C#)Commented source-codeVarious samplesA complete PBR model viewer includedBuilt-in file browser Web DemosModel ViewerAvatar Loader Asset Store Link Package Content DescriptionTriLibCore: TriLib core featuresTriLibSamples: TriLib […]


TriLib is governed by the Asset Store EULA; however, the following components are governed by the licenses indicated below: A. StbImageSharpPublic DomainRoman Shapiro B. LibTessDotNetSGI FREE SOFTWARE LICENSE B (Version 2.0, Sept. 18, 2008)Rémi Gillig C. SharpZipLibMIT License (MIT)Copyright (c) 2000-2016 SharpZipLib Contributors D. ANTLR 4BSD LicenseCopyright (c) 2012 Terence Parr and Sam Harwell E. […]

Migrating from TriLib 1 to TriLib 2

The usage of TriLib 2 is very similar to TriLib 1, but some fundamental changes have been made. Loading a Model from a File When loading a model from a file in TriLib 1, the following snippets are used: // TriLib 1 Code // ——————– using (var assetLoader = new AssetLoader()) { var assetLoaderOptions = […]

Supported File Formats

TriLib 2.0 works with a smaller file-formats subset compared with the first version.This decision has been taken to focus on the most used file-formats and offer a more stable and feature-rich experience with these formats. Model file formats: FBX (Accepts version 7.0 onwards and 6.0 with the experimental compatibility mode)OBJGLTF 2 (Accepts Draco decompression using […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my model texture does not load? First, make sure your texture files have one of the following formats: BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TGA, or PSD. TriLib won’t accept any other texture format. Make sure you have assigned the textures to the right material properties when exporting your model. Generally, standard materials created by commercial […]

Basic Usage

There are three main methods to load models and their dependencies in TriLib: Local File-System Loading URL Loading Custom Source Loading The user can adapt other loading mechanisms as the core loading methods accept Streams as data input and Scriptable Objects called Mappers, used to load textures, and external data from custom data Streams. Local […]

Known Issues/Limitations

TriLib is not a Model exporter. FBX Importer does not import multiple texture layers yet. Some FBX files may present incompatibilities. Some FBX polygons may have tesselation issues. STL colors are not supported yet. Lights and Cameras are not supported yet. 3MF Beam Lattice format is not supported yet. 3MF PBR Specular materials are not […]