Accessing Files Metadata

TriLib allows accessing files native data (metadata) depending on a file-format basis.

The following article contains some classes not available on the current

This article won’t focus on every native class, it will introduce the methods to access the top-level native classes from some file formats.


To access the FBXDocument class containing the FBX file data, use the following code:

using TriLibCore.Fbx;
var fbxDocument = assetLoaderContext.RootModel as FBXDocument;
if (fbxDocument != null) {
    var globalSettings = fbxDocument.FBXGlobalSettings;
    var unitScaleFactor = globalSettings.UnitScaleFactor;
    Debug.Log("FBX Unit Scale Factor: " + unitScaleFactor);
glTF 2

glTF 2 loading uses glTFCSharpLoader internally. To access the Gltf class containing the glTF file data, use the following code:

using TriLibCore.Gltf;
var gltfRootModel = assetLoaderContext.RootModel as GltfRootModel;
if (gltfRootModel != null) {
    var gltf = gltfRootModel.Gltf;
    var scenes = gltf.Scenes;
    if (scenes != null) {
        Debug.Log("glTF file has: " + scenes.Length + " scenes");

3MF loading uses IxMilia.ThreeMf internally. To access the ThreeMfFile class containing the 3MF file data, use the following code:

using TriLibCore.ThreeMf;
var threeMfRootModel = assetLoaderContext.RootModel as ThreeMfRootModel;
if (threeMfRootModel != null) {
    var file = threeMfRootModel.File;
    var models = file.Models;
    if (models != null) {
        Debug.Log("3MF file has: " + models.Length + " models");

OBJ, PLY, and STL files don’t store metadata at the moment.

Important: some external classes have methods to save/export files, but these haven’t been implemented using TriLib internal classes and aren’t intended to be used. TriLib is not a model exporter.