Special Reader Features

Some file format readers have unique features you can configure:

  • FBXReader
    • FbxReader.FBXCompatibilityMode: Turn on this static field to enable the loading of models exported with FBXSDK version 6. (This is an experimental feature)
    • FbxReader.FBXConversionPrecision: FBX files can work with Double values, which have way more precision than C# Float. Any value passed to this static field will be multiplied by the Double values before converting them to Float so that you can tweak the precision as your needs.
  • GLTFReader
    • GltfReader.DracoDecompressorCallback: You can assign a custom method to this static field that will be used to decompress Draco encoded data. TriLib comes with the “TriLibCore.Gltf.Draco.DracoMeshLoader.DracoDecompressorCallback” method that can be passed to this field. Just keep in mind that Draco decompression still partial in TriLib and only work with meshes without skinning.