TriLib – Known Issues/Limitations

  • All platforms:
    • Exporting will be enabled on a future release (.dae, .obj. stl, .ply formats).
    • Cameras and lights will be enabled on a future release.
    • We highly recommend you to download our test application to test your models before adquiring the package.
    • Old FBX-DOM formats are not supported.
    • Vertex animation is not supported .
    • Blend shapes are not supported at the moment.
    • DevIL Image Library is supported only on Windows at the moment.
  • Android:
    • IFC importer is inactive at the moment.
    • Android device with API 9 is required.

Note: TriLib is based on Assimp (, an open-source project. We are always updating TriLib with the latest Assimp branch, to guarantee the most recent bug-fixes. We cannot guarantee your model to partially or fully load with TriLib.  (*) not supported on Android platform at the moment.